Wildcat II Wind Farm Suspended!

The map of the proposed wind farm in Grant and Howard Counties, IN will not come to fruition! It has been officially suspended as of August 14, 2014. E.ON has sent a press release stating that it is "suspending development of the Wildcat II Wind Farm in Howard and Grant Counties, IN due to market conditions."

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While we had no part in their inability to find a major buyer for the power, our presence was a determining factor to finally end the continual renewal and extensions of contracts with E.ON. We let them know this is not a community open to irresponsible wind development. Thanks to everyone that has attended meetings, sent letters, spread the word, and been in the trenches for the last several years.

With a moratorium in affect, no wind farms are permitted nor can be permitted for construction in Grant County now. The moratorium is not perminant, and it is now time to work with our elected and county officials to write a resident-friendly wind ordinance for Grant County.

Inadequate Protection for Residents and Property Owners

The current Grant County wind ordinance is the most wind-friendly, anti-resident ordinance in the State of Indiana. Unlike any other ordinance in the state, it offers no extra protection for residents, permitting the construction of 480-foot wind turbines as close as 528 feet from roads and highways, property lines, and even residences! It also permits noise levels to be more than a thousand times more intense than what they are today. As the ordinance stands, rural Grant County is permitted to be louder than the city of Marion at all times.

Ill Effects of Large Wind Farms

When the Grant County ordinance was adopted more than five years ago, large wind farms were just beginning to move into more populated areas. Wind developers have continued to move into more and more densely populated areas, so the ill effects of placing turbines amongst residents are becoming increasingly known. These issues include:

  • Noise
  • Shadow flicker
  • Low-frenquency vibrations
  • Headaches, sleep deprevation, nausea, and other health issues
  • Loss of antenna and satellite reception, cell phone signal, and Internet service
  • Declining property values
  • Blade and ice throws
  • Oil leaks and fires